A press demonstration of a disaster response robot system (i-CentiPot-Ammonite, BRAINS) based on “open design” was held at Osaka University.

The development group at Osaka University has been developing a robot system that can respond to environments such as disaster sites in mountainous areas, where “you don’t know until you go there,” “large general-purpose construction equipment cannot go there,” and “soft ground is dominant. In this report, we present an example of an innovative earth-moving system in which a group of small-sized robots can flexibly combine with each other on site to achieve the desired performance, using the iCentiPot-Ammonite, a new robot that can be reassembled on site as needed, and the BRAIN The BRAINS (Base containeR with open design Adaptive INtegration System) is a general-purpose transport container that can be reconfigured on the spot to transport the iCentiPot-Ammonite robot.